The Oval

The heart of Milford!  The pictures in this gallery are in and around Union Square, or what most local's call "The Oval".

Street Scenes

These pictures are street scenes from around town.  Many come from postcards.  Can you identify all the locations?


Where many of us spent many a day in our youth!  Milford has had many schools over the years.  Here are some that are long gone and some that are still around today.


There are quite a few places of worship here in Milford no matter your faith!  Many of these pictures are from post cards.


Many pictures of the people and families of Milford through the years.  Maybe there's a picture of you in here!


Homes and residences from all over town.  Some are still standing and some perhaps not!

Random Shots

Some pictures don't fit into any particular category.  These shots range from pie eating contests to the High Hopes balloon festival.

Bridges & Water

The mighty Souhegan River winds through our town and we have had many ways over the years of getting from one side to the other!

Milford Weather

Mother nature sure has shown her wrath on Milford over the years.  These pictures range from hurricanes to major floods to sweep the Souhegan Valley in 2007.

Business & Industry

From the Granite industry to ice cream, furniture manufacturing, Lumber, and so many others, Milford has hosted many businesses over the years.

Class Pictures

You know you all have them somewhere! those class pictures from your school days.  Here are a bunch of them from Milford.  Some with names and some without.

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