The Hutchinson Quartet
Wednesday 16 October 2019, 07:00pm
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Long before the British Invasion of the Beatles, Milford, NH had its own Fab Four.  Their names you ask?  Members of the internationally known quartet were John, Judson, Asa and Abby Hutchinson.  They lived in a farmhouse on North River Rd and were part of a family of 13 children, all gifted with remarkable voices.  The famed Hutchinson Family Singers quartet sang for causes they believed in and traveled the country from 1842 through 1849.  They were instrumental in bringing the message of abolitionism and many social reforms to the general population and are credited with creating a style of music for Americans to call their own. During 1845 and 1856, they toured the British Isles and became as popular there as in the US.

In spite of the fame they acquired during their lifetime, and the reforms they supported and practiced, they are in dire danger of being totally forgotten by the citizens of the town they called home…Milford, NH.

A brief outline of their tremendous contribution to the history of this country is below.

Please join us at 7 pm on October 16 in the Town Hall Auditorium for a general discussion of how to create a permanent memorial to this influential family.



Location Milford, NH Town Hall Auditorium